Here's a retro tale for you: I wear a watch again. To be more specific, I wear a Casio digital watch, the A158W. Sporting an aluminum wristband, beeping buttons that can't be deactivated, a chronometer, and a cheesy green microlight--no fancy backlighting for you--it's a carbon copy of '80s wrist fashion.
For a while, I tried to go without a watch. It's been commonly written lately that watches are passe, having been replaced entirely by cell phones. After my last watch's wristband broke, I tried to go phone-only for the time. I'd worn a watch for so long that my wrist had developed a permanent tan line. My left wrist is even slightly thinner from years of watch-wearing.
I got the Casio because I realized that practically no stores sell watches anymore. The few I found were high-end retailers, and so I settled for the local Duane Reade, where an embarrassingly lost-in-time selection of watches lay trapped in a white plastic display. Rather than go halfway with a cheapo brand or modern digital, I went whole hog by picking the most ridiculous throwback in the display, a model that looks like it could actually have been in the store since 1984.

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